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Вакуумные трубопроводы

Здравствуйте. Вам понадобились Вакуумные трубопроводы? могу посоветовать  http://www.techgazy.ru/en/market2/kriogennoe_oborudovanie_dlya_hraneniya_transportirovki_i_gazafikacii_szhizhenyh_gazov/kriogennye_truboprovody_i_armatura/vakuumnye_truboprovody/  

Industrial Gases Ltd. was formed in 1998 to fulfill the urgent need of technical gases on the market. The end of 90’s wasn’t the best time to start business in Russia. The crisis of August 1998 destroyed the majority of private businesses and slowed down the operation of the government-owned manufactories in many industries.

  But at any time there are people that aren’t scared to take responsibilities and believe in hard work and not in crisis. Among those people who tried to move on from the fear of default were the founders of Industrial Gases: Michael Kondratenkov and Vladimir Krichevsky.

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